Video Premiere: Nahko and Medicine for the People “Dear Brother” (Live at Red Rocks)

Shout out to Relix Magazine for premiering our song “Dear Brother (Live From Red Rocks)”

About this timely song, Nahko tells Relix, “At a time in our country where every 28 hours a black or brown person is shot by a police officer, it is imperative to call on our white allies to stand in solidarity with those that face state violence every day. Where is the justice? in this song, we ask our allies to remember that to be color blind is to be system blind. racism is a system,patriarchy is a system created to divide us. in order to become a better ally, we’ve got to acknowledge how differently black and brown folks are treated in this country and put down the weight and guilt of privilege. Once we do that, we open ourselves up to our highest self and to all the possibilities love has to offer us. and that is a life worth living.”

Read more in the October/November issue of Relix.

Video filmed by: Wallyography
Edited By: Josué Rivas Fotographer

Check it out HERE