We’re asking our Global Medicine Tribe to check out our Run for Salmon GoFundMe page. We need 4k Tribe members to donate $20 by the end of June and we would reach our goal! Read the below link to find out more on our campaign.

+ Donate $20 dollars today, even if it’s just $1 dollar it all counts!

+ Share our gofundme story on social media!

+ Post a picture of yourself with a sign saying:

“Help us bring our Salmon home”


+ Pray with us as we continue holding this Run4Salmon prayer in our hearts.

+ Envision the salmon returning to heal our waters and restore our ecosystems and culture.

Look out for our very special movie screenings in select cities of the short documentary “The Salmon Will Run” during our Medicine For The People tour this summer!

Winnemem Wintu Press Release:

Healing our waters, restoring the ecosystems and bringing justice to indigenous peoples is not only an idea, we are making it happen!

As you know we are on an epic mission with Chief Caleen Sisk and the Winnemem Wintu tribe of restoring their endangered Salmon here in Mt. Shasta’s McCloud river. This is a unique opportunity because we will be bringing back not GMO, not hatchery, but wild, genetically pure salmon from New Zealand were they were taken to before the Shasta dam was installed.

We have 10 days to RAISE 80,000 dollars to bring our salmon home! With the power of our community we can do this! 4,000 protectors to commit to donating 20 dollars today!