Face the Current – Nahko: The Voice of a Generation

Nahko: The Voice of a Generation
Interview by Chris Assaad
Photos by Josué Rivas
October 7, 2018

Every once in a while, amidst times of great planetary significance and challenge, a hero emerges to unite people around a noble, common cause. In times past, some heroes have wielded mighty swords and fought courageous battles, while others have chosen instead to affect change by wielding perhaps even mightier weapons, daringly using their pens and voices to bring forth poetry, song and piercing truths to illuminate the path to higher ground.

One such hero that has risen to lead in this time of globally turning tides happens to be an acoustic guitar slinging, head-to-toe tattoo-bearing, singer-songwriter, storyteller and activist named Nahko. Frontman of his band, Medicine For The People, Nahko has emerged as a leader in the conscious music movement and as a force to be reckoned with. Since arriving on the scene with his fiery spirit and lion-hearted prowess for his purpose, Nahko has been claiming his place as the voice of a generation of love revolutionaries and as one of the great poets of our time.

The Medicine movement, born of this one man’s inner alchemy of his incredible life journey and deep roots into a timeless collection of musical offerings, has spread like wild fire. From humble beginnings, Nahko’s anthemic and equally hymnal songs have taken on a life of their own and continue to call in the ever-growing tribe to what he describes as “ceremony to the masses.”

His message is universal, his masterfully-crafted poetry is potent and his fierce loyalty to his soul mission is evident. Lending his voice and passion to a range of causes close to his heart, Nahko’s activism and efforts beyond the music are a beacon of what’s possible and a shining example of what it means to live “Yes, We Can.”

In this Face the Current ‘Conscious Artist’ feature, we get a look at the man behind the music, the message and the mission, and discover more about the heart of what fuels the Medicine movement. Nahko shares the inspiration behind his latest collection of musical treasures, My Name is Bear, and his viral anthem “Aloha Ke Akua.” Nahko also reveals his greatest heroes and some of his road-warrior life-hacks, and offers his perspective on the way forward at this ripe time in our collective evolution. Throughout the conversation, Nahko’s playful spirit and wisdom shine through and color his responses.

A beautiful introduction to the one named Bear to those newly discovering Nahko and his music, and a must read for Medicine Tribe faithful.


“You don’t have to wait to be great.” -Nahko