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InterTribal Youth’s Medicine Tribe Scholarship!

Aloha Medicine Tribe! Last year, during the inaugural year of the Medicine Tribe Scholarship, a spirit of giving was heightened and together we made an affirmation that It Takes A Tribe to educate our Indigenous youth! During our 2017 Fundraising Campaign, we set out to raise at least one scholarship for the InterTribal Youth Residential […]

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Run 4 Salmon 2017

This last week Nahko and Tim joined Run4Salmon, a prayerful journey led by Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe to restore our salmon runs, protect our waters, and our indigenous life ways. It was an incredible journey filled with the collective of Indigenous women, activists, and allies on this 300-mile trek that follows the historical journey of […]

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The Medicine Tribe Did it !!

Fan-Based Scholarships Raised; Youth Receive World Class Education.
Big mahalo to our Tribe for donating to our collaborative scholarship program with Intertribal Youth!

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