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Our work off the stage is very important to us. It’s what forges the music into real medicine. We aim to inspire others to take a deeper role in protecting and preserving our planet, people, and the spirit in all of creation.

  • Honor the Earth

    Honor the Earth

    Honor the Earth is a unique Native-led initiative working to develop needed financial and political resources for the survival of long-standing native communities. These resources are facilitated through the use of music, arts, and media in hopes of giving a voice to those otherwise unheard. Established in 1993, Honor the Earth tirelessly strives to break the geographic and political isolation of Native communities and to raise money and public awareness for grassroots environmental groups. “As our mission states, we are committed to restoring a paradigm that recognizes our collective humanity and our joint dependence on the Earth.”

    The Anishanaabe territory is currently being exploited by some of the biggest mining companies in the world. However, the use of this territory is terribly inefficient. More than sixty-percent of the energy is wasted between the point of origin and point of consumption. Honor The Earth aims to restore the Anishanaabe territory via working with first nations, indigenous communities, and tribal governments. They do this through the opposition of extraction, pushing for environmental regulation, and creating an environmentally conscious curriculum for tribal youth.

    If you are interested in donating your time, please contact Honor the Earth’s Program & Operations Manager at or to donate directly please visit Please help us be the voice for those not heard.

  • Be The Change Charities

    Be The Change Charities

    Since 2006, Be the Change Charities has been bringing people together to educate, volunteer, fundraise, and raise awareness for our global future. They have also connected our community with broader local and international communities – providing resources and assistance for those in need and creating service opportunities to those eager to help. Be the Change sponsors countless independent international organizations that often do not have access to the same funding as the more established international organizations.

    Be the Change facilitates the development and growth of locally staffed associations by financially assisting under-funded organizations. The efforts of Be the Change offer assistance to organizations working with Third World conflict victims, human trafficking victims, land mine survivor rehabilitation, safe water supplies, education for underprivileged children, and many more noteworthy causes. By bridging the gap between willing volunteers and those in need, Be the Change helps these wonderful organizations in accomplishing their missions.

    You can be apart of the change by visiting where you will find volunteer information and an option for donation.

  • Amazon Watch

    Amazon Watch

    Nearly 400 distinct indigenous peoples depend on the Amazon rainforest for their physical and cultural survival. At current rates of deforestation, nearly 50 percent of the Amazon could be lost or severely degraded by the year 2020, and the vast majority will no longer be in a pristine state.

    With global deforestation contributing 20–25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, Amazon Watch and our indigenous partners are providing a service to all humanity as we together seek to defend the rainforest. Each of us can take action. We may be the last generation that has a chance to protect this precious gem of our world’s cultural and ecological heritage – an irreplaceable source of life and inspiration.

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  • Indigenous Regeneration

    Indigenous Regeneration

    The Indigenous Re-Generation Project exists to create and nurture a futuristic eco-village based on the traditions of the Kumeyaay people.

    The village serves as a space to learn Organic farming methods, traditional Kumeyaay plant medicines and holistic herbalism, Environmental awareness and education, plant based nutrition for optimal health, positive self expression through music and culture, and Environmentally forward thinking education on advanced eco-building, collective living and implementation of regenerative systems.

    We believe in preservation of native habitat for biodiversity, encouraging sustainable living techniques and recycling.

    The Indigenous Re-Generation Project strives to reduce chronic illness and obesity within Native Communities through education and increased accessibility of fruits and vegetables through free CSA programs.

    Indigenous Re-Generation Project strives to improve tribal economic vitality through sustainable local food systems, recapturing food waste, creating new jobs, and increasing per-capita productivity. Serving self, community and Mother Earth.

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  • InterTribal Youth

    InterTribal Youth

    World-class Education, Adventure, Health, and Science. Youth Educational Enrichment Programs and Adult Volunteer experiences. Native Like Water prepares Indigenous youth and adult volunteers in science, out-door education, conservation, wellness, and cultural self-exploration.

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  • Run 4 Salmon

    Run 4 Salmon

    Run 4 Salmon. A prayerful journey led by Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe to restore our salmon runs, protect our waters, and our indigenous lifeways.

    The Winter-Run Chinook Salmon are on the verge of extinction. Years of drought and water mismanagement have devastated their once thriving populations. But, there is hope. We have a chance this year to do something that has never been done. We can bring our Sacred Salmon (Nur) home.

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