Nahko - My Name Is Bear


Nahko - My Name Is Bear

so many dear people helped me write and live these stories. the two summers i spent in alaska, half the winter in louisiana and the other half holed up in my van in portland, and then the first year in hawaii were transformational and pivotal to shaping me into who i am today. those 3 years before i met my mother would offer a reclaiming of my name, finding new faith and fever for my own spiritual connection to Creator, and discovering first love. these were just a few of the important discoveries for a young cub set on exploring the world and finding himself amongst the wild.


Goodnight, Sun

"when can i leave this shell body behind me?" "join you in setting the moon up for rising?" some lost lyrics to Goodnight, Sun... i remember sitting at the lookout near Kealakekua Bay, writing this song into existence. it started as a freestyle sunset song. just me and the ocean and the sun. i carried those lyrics as a prayer for so many years. it became my salutation song, a reverent nod to the symbiosis between sun and human body. it's been a joy to bring the song back after so many years, breathing new life into it.

Be Here Now

i found Ram Dass's book, Be Here Now, in the extensive library at the farm. or was it in a box somewhere? i can’t seem to remember exactly where it found me. but, when it did it was exactly when i needed it. it quickly became my scripture. each page cradled my longing for a teaching that could ease me through the transformation i was experiencing. that old archetype dying. it wasn't long before i was able to begin applying the poetic mantras to my daily life.

of course, there's always some kind of muse whence the song came to me. there was a girl. she was a catalyst in the lessons of youthful, reckless love and the struggle of intimacy without expectation of commitment. be here now. enjoy the ride. don't tell anyone how to live their life, but know how you will live yours - with boundaries on an open road to courageous self-security.

the story in this song actually happened. when i listen to it now i grin. always trust the symphony in your head. love without limit, but when you find your edge - respect it.

i can still see that yellow school bus, the lettuce and basil, and that twinkle in my higher reflection as if to say ‘It's a long road ahead, kid.‘ be present and kind. only good things can come of it.


this song is a story about the right of passage from youth to adulthood. the feeling of carelessness and commitment. the energy of a first love. one could say this is an anthem for the young and reckless. we've all been there at some point... my wish is that you feel a side of me most people don't know. the person i was before i became nahko. i share these songs from the bottom of my bear heart and i hope you get to share them with your tribe.


this song, in particular, doesn’t fit into the 18-21-year-old bracket. i cheated a little here because i just couldn’t not put this song on the record. it is such a crucial tune that defines this time, even though it was a little later in the timeline. i was probably nearly 22 when i wrote this song. i had already come back to Hawaii after meeting my mom, traveling northern California, went to Burning Man, and now was living on the ‘farm’ with ‘ol 7 Feathers (Jason Fox). you see, i’m an Aquarius. jason, a Taurus. both of us fiercely independent, it’s safe to say we butted heads from time to time. years later, i realized how impatient i was with him. i wanted to evolve more rapidly, be air, try things out, let it flow. jason liked his ways, fiercely earth, and was much slower to change. needless to say, in my youth, i was a firecracker. perhaps some would say i still am. instead of focusing on pining after someone i wanted to keep and be just for me, my medicine became the fact that people always leave and go. with that in mind, at that time, i could try to live without the suffering of the departure of the physical, be present in each moment, and live in gratitude for time well spent. each notch i climbed in my great wall to consciousness led me higher to reasoning and i let my first archetype die, little by little. after all, before Hamakua who the hell was i?

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